Walking On The Line: A Lesson From Dr. Montessori

walk the line featured

North American Montessori is doing an Art, Music and Movement themed Summer Program at CAC, so wanted to share this article that goes along with Montessori and Movement. “Walking on the line” is a big part of what our schools do everyday. This article from Montessori World shares lots of variations that parents can easily do as well.

“Dr. Montessori was a careful observer, and she noticed that children liked to walk along logs and the top of fences. They enjoyed walking along a line and Dr. Montessori realized that they were perfecting their sense of balance. The young child is in a sensitive period for the perfection of movement and teachers must be aware of this.

In the classroom we provide for this need with the exercises of “Walking on the Line.” We use a line drawn, or painted or taped, on the floor in the form of an ellipse, and we teach the children to walk on it.”

Click here to read the full article from Montessori World.