Why Montessori Education is Perfect for Summer Enrichment

kids at summer enrichment program

Summer is the season we all look forward to when the days are longer, the sun shines brighter, and life becomes more relaxed. During this time, children stay up late, have sleepovers, enjoy outdoor activities, and go on vacations. But we all know that relaxation is more than just a break from the rigors of daily life; it is also an essential aspect of maintaining children’s health and well-being. While we encourage parents to let their children unwind, we also recognize the importance of infusing the Montessori approach to learning in their routines. North American Montessori summer enrichment programs provide daily structure and practical life skills and encourage the exploration of new concepts and ideas. Parents can nurture their children’s curiosity and help them refine the skills learned during the school year.

North American Montessori Summer Programs

For those looking for a more structured summer experience, enrolling your child in a Montessori-based summer program can be an ideal option. These courses are created to entertain and educate young participants through activities, supplementary classes, and outdoor adventures based on the Montessori method of interactive instruction, autonomy, collaboration, and allowing each student to progress at their own rate.

Montessori summer programs are uniquely tailored to help children explore new ideas and concepts they missed during the traditional academic year. These programs provide a place for your child to experiment, create, and explore subjects they are passionate about while still learning essential academic skills.

Children can form relationships and grow emotionally in the summertime by engaging with others with similar interests or pastimes. Enrolling your child in a summer program or camp is a great way to expand your child’s circle of friends and nurture friendships during the summer months.

Participation in educational summer activities is vital in keeping up and enhancing a student’s mental, emotional, intellectual, physical, and academic abilities. Neglecting learning during long summer vacations, referred to as “summer learning loss,” can affect students of all ages, including preschool or daycare children. Parents can ensure their children continue to develop and grow during their much-deserved break by choosing a Montessori-based summer program.

Supporting Summer Enrichment at Home

Setting up a Montessori Prepared Environment for your child at home can be fun and exciting! To get started, let’s first remind ourselves of the values behind this approach. Encouraging order, independence, and self-motivation are fundamental aspects of Montessori.

In learning environments designed with intention, students can become adept at taking responsibility for themselves and their environment. Similarly, in your home, you can create an environment that supports these values, which can help cultivate a sense of purpose for your child.

  • Start by designating a place for your child’s books and toys. Rather than using one large bin, try organizing each item into its specific storage container. Using clear or colored bins, you can denote the type of toy and even attach a picture of the toy to the bin. This way, your child can easily access and put away their belongings as they learn the importance of order.
  • To further establish a prepared environment, provide two rollable work mats (36 “x24”) to define the work area. These mats serve as a space for your child to experiment and explore freely. We recommend rotating books and toys every few weeks to keep things exciting and encourage exploration in different areas of interest.
  • It’s important to note that including your child in daily chores is crucial to their independence and growth. Schools encourage students to be active and involved participants in the classroom setting, and this same attitude should also be present in their home environment. Not only does this provide opportunities for your child to practice their practical life skills, but it also shows them the importance of contributing to the household. 

When it comes to encouraging practical life skills, you can start early! Early childhood development can involve teaching kids to nurture plants, feed animals, clean up after themselves, and put away their belongings. As your child matures, they can be given more duties, for example, taking out the garbage, cooking meals, and doing basic chores. They can even teach their younger siblings how to help with these tasks. Check out our resource center to learn about the different tasks your child can do by age group. Give your child a sense of independence and purpose by supporting a Montessori summer enrichment program from home!

Summer Enrichment the Montessori Way

This summer, give your child the gift of learning, creativity, and exploration with a Montessori-based summer program. Your child will have the opportunity to experience the joys of summer while still learning and growing in a nurturing environment designed to promote their success in the upcoming school year!