Early Childhood Education Programs

Early childhood is perhaps the most vital time to instill a love of learning. At North American Montessori, we embrace this challenge! Our early childhood education programs are based on the Montessori Method, which encourages learning through developmentally appropriate activities. We provide a safe and supportive environment to help all children learn and grow independently by encouraging their unique reasoning and creativity.

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North American Montessori childcare programs include:

Strong Foundations With Our Early Childhood Education Programs in St. Louis

Our Montessori Preschool program is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment that children in the pre-kindergarten stage of development need to learn. Our preschool program supports your child’s budding independence – they are given freedom of movement and choice over their activities in the classroom and are encouraged to “do it for themselves.” With our individualized early education programs and childcare, preschoolers can progress at their own pace. The mixed age group between 3 and 6 allows older children to help the younger ones while refining their own skills and paves the way for the younger ones to grow. Learn more about our preschool program and how we can help your child thrive!

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Toddler Care Using the Montessori Method

Our Toddler program provides a stimulating environment to help guide your toddler’s natural curiosity and allow them to explore the world around them safely. Our toddler rooms are composed of a mixed-age group between 12 months and 36 months. During this important stage, our early childhood education programs in St. Louis encourage toddlers to freely explore and choose their activities to help them develop confidence and a sense of independence. Our rooms are equipped with developmentally-appropriate toys, furniture, and materials that allow children to interact with others and work independently. Learn more about our toddler program and how we can help your little one express curiosity and creativity!

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Early Childhood Education Programs & Infant Daycare

The infant stage is a critical time for learning and growth, and our Montessori Infant Daycare program recognizes the importance of this formative time. Our early childhood education programs in St. Louis encourage a peaceful, supportive, and safe environment for infants as young as six weeks old. Our nurturing teachers provide your child with the positive guidance and warm environment they need to help them thrive. Infants engage in quiet playtime and naps with feedings and changings as needed. Learn more about our infant program and how we can help your baby begin their early childhood education!

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Summer School Designed Using the Montessori Method

Our Summer Fun program helps teach preschoolers that learning never stops, no matter what time of year it is! With many planned Montessori activities and teachings, early childhood education programs in St. Louis will spark their imaginations throughout June, July, and August. Your child will embrace new experiences that help them learn, grow, and succeed. Learn more about our summer program and how we can help your child develop an appreciation for learning all year round!

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Let us help enhance your child’s natural passion for wonder and exploration — learn more about our three schools below:

Casa Dia Montessori
of Crestwood

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Casa Dia Montessori
of Mehlville

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The Centre at Conway
in Chesterfield

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Montessori Early Childhood Programs in the St. Louis, MO Area

Contact us to enroll your child in one of our engaging early childhood education programs! We offer full- and part-time program options to fit your family’s childcare needs. Come see why North American Montessori is the best choice for your child!

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