Montessori School FAQs

Montessori Method FAQs

What is Montessori?

Learn more about the history of the Montessori Method and how it applies to today’s early childhood educational system.

What does “freedom within limits” mean?

One essential aspect of a Montessori classroom is choice. “Freedom within limits” means giving children enough freedom to develop independence and a strong sense of self while also guiding them with choices and advice. Guiding children through activities is why our staff considers themselves “directresss” rather than teachers. We direct children toward new challenges, but ultimately each child’s unique interaction with materials and concepts results in their learning skills independently.

North American Montessori Child Care Center FAQs

Are all North American Montessori Child Care schools the same?

Yes and no. While all of our schools adhere to the same basic Montessori curriculum and operate at the same hours throughout the year in an enriching daycare center setting, they vary in many other aspects, such as off campus field trips and parental involvement. For more information, contact us or one of our schools today or stop by a location for a tour.

What does an NAMCC school look for when choosing a child?

There is no interview process for choosing children who enroll in one of our schools. Children are accepted into an NAMCC school based on space available and completion of basic enrollment requirements.

How can I sign up for a tour of an NAMCC school?

Our schools have an open door policy in order to give parents a natural, everyday look at how our schools are run. Any parent wishing to tour the school need only arrive at the main office during operating hours. However, if you wish to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact a school directly. Click here to schedule a tour.

At what age may my child attend an NAMCC school?

Our schools admit children between the ages of six weeks and six years (or through pre-kindergarten age).

What resources do NAMCC schools provide to parents?

Some of our schools offer professionally led seminars to parents who wish to learn more about the modern-day approach to parenting or child development. In addition, our blog is geared towards helping parents and their children make the most out of childhood. For day-to-day news, check us out on Facebook for updates about what’s going on at your child’s school.

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Tuition Information

For tuition prices please call our schools

The Centre at Conway in Chesterfield
(314) 434-3300

Casa Dia Montessori of Mehlville
(314) 892-4446

Casa Dia Montessori of Crestwood
(314) 835-9500

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