The Centre at Conway Staff

The Centre at Conway Montessori child care is staffed by qualified directresses and assistant teachers whose passion for guiding children toward a bright, fulfilling future is unmatched. Our directresses teach lessons to students one-on-one, then allow the children to practice, explore, and master an activity on their own.

Ms. Leila

Center Director

Ms. Anne

Assistant Director

Ms. Kelley

Infant Toddler Coordinator/Enrollment Specialist

Ms. Ermina


Ms. Nicole

Infant 1 Lead Teacher

Ms. Firasat

Two 2 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Mamatha

Transition Assistant Teacher

Ms. Sweeta

Two 3 Lead Teacher

Ms. Amber

Infant 2 Lead Teacher

Ms. Afsheen

Transition 1 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Thenn

Transition 1 Lead Teacher

Ms. Samina

Floater Teacher

Ms. Danielle

Toddler 1 Lead Teacher

Ms. Madison

Pre 5 Montessori Directress

Ms. Jawaria

Pre 3 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Manju

Toddler 2 Lead Teacher

Ms. Jennifer

Toddler 3 Lead Teacher

Ms. Hatka

Toddler 4 Lead Teacher

Ms. Brigitte

Toddler 4 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Kyya

Pre 2 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Lynn

Two 3 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Kristin

Office Assistant/Floater Teacher

Ms. Rebecca

Pre 5 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Alla

Two 2 Lead Teacher

Ms. Joanne

Two 1 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Shinzi

Two 1 Lead Teacher

Ms. Kathy

Pre 2 Montessori Directress

Ms. Kelly

Pre 1 Montessori Diretress

Ms. Susie

Floater Teacher

Ms. Shamayla

Transition 2 Lead Teacher

Ms. Sharon

Floater Teacher

Ms. Laurel

Pre 3 Montessori Directress

Ms. Sakina

Pre 4 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Liz

Pre 4 Montessori Directress

Ms. Emily

Transition 2 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Maddie

Transition 2 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Jenaah

Infant 1 Teacher

Ms. Maya

Toddler 3 Teacher

Ms. Becky

Floater Teacher

Ms. Sandhya

Assistant Toddler Teacher

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Ms. Sandhya

Assistant Toddler Teacher