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Montessori Infant Daycare in St. Louis

With children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn at the heart of what we do, North American Montessori recognizes the importance of the formative infant stage. Beginning your child’s education early is important for proper development. Our Montessori Infant Rooms help create a peaceful, supportive, and safe environment for infants as young as six weeks old to explore the world around them.

Inside Our Montessori Infant Child Care Program

Infants are the youngest, most dependent children under our care, and this stage is such a critical time for learning and growth. Our goal is to provide your child with the guidance and environment they need to help them thrive. As part of our Montessori infant daycare in St Louis, your baby will always be with nurturing teachers rigorously trained in infant development.

We encourage frequent, positive, warm interactions between adults and children in our classroom environments. Infants engage in quiet playtime and naps with feedings and changings as needed.

Daycare for All Your Infant’s Needs

Our infant rooms are designed to promote independence, coordination, and concentration. They also support your baby’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. We work with your child to ensure critical infant milestones are achieved. At this age, we want every experience to be fun and engaging, preparing them for successful learning experiences as they grow. We focus on supporting social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Our teachers work with infants to meet milestones appropriate for their age, and we use developmentally-appropriate toys to enhance the learning experience.

Activities include:

  • Making early attempts at speaking
  • Learning to understand a variety of words by listening, observing, and engaging
  • Using sounds and gestures to express needs, wants, and interests
  • Listening to books read aloud
  • Working on early memory skills
  • Focusing attention for short periods of time
  • Forming an attachment to familiar adults
  • Beginning to interact with other children
  • Working on physical milestones like rolling over and crawling
  • Coordinating hand movements to begin reaching for and grasping objects
  • Beginning to explore bright, contrasting colors
  • Exploring a variety of textures like wet and sticky
  • Listening to music and experimenting with toy instruments

 An Environment of Safety and Security

Safety is always at the forefront of our Montessori Infant Daycare Centers, and our rooms are equipped with developmentally appropriate toys, furniture, and materials. Our rooms are specially designed to foster a peaceful atmosphere for your infant, and the space is organized, clean, and uncluttered.

Let us help enhance your child’s natural passion for wonder and exploration — learn more about our three schools below:

Casa Dia Montessori of Crestwood

Casa Dia Montessori of Mehlville

The Centre at Conway in Chesterfield

FAQs About Our Infant Daycare in St. Louis

We understand you have questions as you begin your search for a facility that best meets your child’s needs, and we appreciate that you are considering North American Montessori Child Care to provide care for your infant. Please review the frequently asked questions we receive about our Infant Rooms, and contact us if you find your question is not answered!

What ages are in the Infant Rooms?

Our Infant Rooms have children as young as six weeks old and up to about 8 months. Infants typically show signs of becoming mobile at around 8 months of age — for example, when they begin rolling, crawling, and pulling to stand. Infants who are transitioning into toddlers enter our Transition Room to avoid any collision accidents with children who are already walking/running in the Toddler Room.

How many teachers are in an Infant Room at any given time?

We have two teachers at all times in the Infant Rooms.

Do you have cribs/pack & plays for nap time, or do we need to supply them?

We provide cribs and other age-appropriate equipment needed during your infant’s nap times. We follow the Infant Safe Sleep Policy outlined by the State of Missouri.

Are there regular meal times?

Although we encourage keeping infants on consistent schedules, meal times at this development stage can vary. We report on a regular basis to parents about meal times and any changes to their child’s feedings.

Can you store breast milk and/or formula?

Yes. We encourage parents to provide breast milk and/or formula for their child’s mealtimes. When children age out of the Infant Room (around 8 months of age), they will move into eating more solid foods such as rice cereal and mashed fruits and vegetables. However, every child is different, and we encourage parents to discuss feeding options for their child with our teachers if they have questions.

Visit Each One of Our Montessori Daycare Centers

Our schools have an open-door policy, and any parent wishing to tour one of our daycare centers needs only to arrive at the main office, and we will be happy to show you around. However, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to see the facility.

Tours are available:

  • 8 a.m.-3 p.m. at Casa Dia Montessori of Crestwood
  • 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at Casa Dia Montessori of Mehlville
  • 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at The Centre at Conway in Chesterfield

We offer full- and part-time program options to fit your family’s childcare needs. Come see why North American Montessori is the best choice for your child!

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Meet The North American Montessori Staff, North American Montessori

Tuition Information

For tuition prices please call our schools

The Centre at Conway in Chesterfield
(314) 434-3300

Casa Dia Montessori of Mehlville
(314) 892-4446

Casa Dia Montessori of Crestwood
(314) 835-9500

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