Casa Dia Montessori of Mehlville Staff

Our caring Casa Dia Montessori of Mehlville teachers are dedicated to helping children learn and grow. Many of our staff members have been at Casa Dia Montessori of Mehlville for over 15 years, giving them the experience needed to guide your child through their earliest years.

Ms. Leila

Center Director

Ms. Elma

Office Administrator

Ms. Ana

Assistant Director I Employee since 2003

Ms. Lori

Administration I Casa Employee since 2001

Ms. Kian

Office Administrator since 2008

Ms. Sada

Kitchen Staff

Ms. Olivia

Lead Teacher Room 3

Ms. Mirsada I Employee since 1999

TWOs Lead Teacher

Ms. Kaitlyn

Lead Teacher Room 1A

Ms. Christine

Lead Teacher Room 1B I Elementary Ed Certified

Ms. Yamin

Lead Montessori Teacher Room 1D I Casa Spanish Teacher

Ms. Ines

Assistant Teacher Room 1B

Ms. Mursal

Lead Teacher Room 1C

Ms. Mevlida

Assistant Teacher Preschool

Ms. Elvira

Assistant Teacher 1C

Ms. Autumn

TWOs Lead Teacher

Ms. Rahima

TWOs Lead Teacher

Mr. Chris

Assistant Teacher Room 3 I Casa Music Teacher

Ms. Shabnam

Lead Teacher Room 4

Ms. Evelin

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Jenifer I Employed since 1986

Montessori Lead Preschool Teacher

Ms. Nihada

Teacher Room 6

Ms. Peyton

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Rona

Lead Teacher Room 4

Ms. Yesenia


Ms. Michelle


Ms. Margie

Retired-Lead Teacher Toddlers since 1989

Ms. Alicia

Assistant Teacher 2A

Ms. Basmah

Assistant Teacher Room 1C

Ms. Kara

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Ilma

Assistant Teacher Room 6

Ms. Alex

Assistant Teacher Room 2C

Ms. Alyssa

Teacher Room 6

Ms. Phe

Assistant Teacher Room 5

Ms. Litney

Assistant Teacher Room 2C

Ms. Catie

Assistant Teacher Room 2B

Ms. Iyahna

Assistant Teacher Room 4

Ms. Annie

Assistant Teacher Room 1D

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