50-meetingteacherscaryBobby has a new teacher and she is a monster. She stomps, she roars, she scolds him when he throws paper airplanes in class. But one day, when Bobby is in the park trying to forget his teacher problems, he meets Ms. Kirby. After talking and playing together, Bobby realizes that Ms. Kirby isn’t a monster after all.

It’s Normal for New Teachers to Seem Scary

As the new school year approaches, children will be experiencing new teachers, which can be scary. Their previous teacher, whom they knew and trusted, provided a familiar school environment. When that familiar teacher leaves, a child may feel anxious.

Anxiety can be especially prominent when the new teacher is strict, which can make a child believe the new teacher doesn’t like them. Reassure your child that that is not the case and as a new teacher, she may also be just as nervous about starting a new class as they are. Continue by saying that as time goes on, they’ll get to know the teacher better.

Minimalistic Cut-&-Paste Illustrations

Told from the point of view of Bobby, My Teacher is a Monster focuses on what he is experiencing at the moment, leading to a lot of white space. For example, when Bobby meets Ms. Kirby in the park, nothing else exists but that moment. This style serves to draw the eye to the story and not be overwhelmed by excess art.

Even Ms. Kirby herself is seen from Bobby’s perspective. She starts out as a big, green alligator-like monster, but as Bobby gets to know her, she slowly turns into a human. She only turns green again in the end of the book (whilst maintaining her human appearance) when Bobby throws another paper plane in class.

Recommended Audience

My Teacher is a Monster is recommended for children ages 4-8 who are moving, or have moved, into preschool to the lower grades. The book is made up of small talk and short sentences, avoiding visual clutter and allowing children to easily follow along or read by themselves. Since the story is told from Bobby’s point of view, children can easily connect with the character and his experiences.

Parents will enjoy this book, as it will remind them of how they felt about new teachers as a child. This remembrance is a good time to connect with children and let them know that you also felt same way about new teachers..

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