21-AugustEventsKids are staying cool while they close out the summer at an NAMCC center’s summer program. Check out what’s happening at your child’s school today:

Casa Dia Montessori of Mehlville

August 1st: Last Day of Summer Sessions

Students celebrate the last day of our summer program in the water. Toddlers will enjoy a Splash Day while children in primary school and kindergarten visit the YMCA to swim. Casa Dia Montessori of Mehlville will remain open between August 1st and 11th.

August 11th: First Day of School

Our official school year begins on August 11th.

Casa Dia Montessori of Crestwood

Mondays Throughout August: Caves

Preschoolers will spend each Monday doing hands-on activities centered around Caves.

August 6th: Brunswick Lakeside Lanes

Preschool and kindergarten students visit Brunswick Lakeside Lanes and bowl.

August 13th: Subway for Lunch

Students are treated to Subway for lunch.

The Centre at Conway in Chesterfield

August 5th & 7th: Parent Orientation Nights

In preparation for the new school year, the Centre at Conway will be holding Parent Orientation for each grade level.

August 5th: primary 3

August 7th: primaries 2, 4, 5, and kindergarten

August 8th: Mad Science Presents “Heat Up”

In this last school presentation for the summer, witness a mini rocket launch while learning the properties of heat. Change the states of matter, turn solid candy into floss and make your very own cotton candy that you can eat.

August 11th: First Day of School

Our official school year begins August 11th.

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