Summer programs at North American Montessori Child Care Centers are full of adventure and fun. Find out what’s happening at your child’s school!

Casa Dia Montessori of Mehlville

June 2nd – June 6th: How Does Your Garden Grow

The students will learn how things grow and have the opportunity to try their green thumb this week.

June 9th – June 13th: Things that GO

There will be lots of fun activities as the students learn about planes, trains, cars. On Friday, June 13th, they will visit the Museum of Transportation.

June 16th – June 20th: Foods Around the World

The students will enjoy the culture of other countries as they taste foods from around the world. They will even have the opportunity to visit the Casa Dia Food Truck.

June 23rd – June 27th: Digging for Dinasours

Our students will become young paleontologists and enjoy the adventure of discovering dinosaurs in numerous ways. The Reptile Experience will be a fun way to end a week full of adventure.

June 30th – July 3rd: Stars & Stripes Forever!

Let’s celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave with lots of red, white and blue. The students will have the opportunity to create some great artwork while learning about the United States of America.

Casa Dia Montessori of Crestwood

Mondays Throughout June: Ocean Theme Days

Each month, Casa Dia Montessori of Crestwood has a special theme for students to explore. In June, we discuss everything we can about the ocean, learning about the life of the ocean, how big it is, boats, and pirates.

On Mondays, classes rotate rooms and do an activity related to the ocean. Children will participate in art, sensory, and cooking projects about the ocean. Lastly, they will enjoy a ocean-themed movie.

June 11th: Preschool Field Trip to the St. Louis Zoo

June 17th: Reptile Experience

The Reptile Experience presents lizards, snakes, alligators, some bugs, and spiders to our students (2 years and up) so they can learn what they do, what they eat, and why they are alive. Children will then have an opportunity to hold, touch, or pet each one

June 24th: Spunky Beans Balloons

A lady dressed in fun clothing goes room to room and makes a balloon figure for each child.

The Centre at Conway in Chesterfield

Throughout the Month of June: Our Slippery, Feathery, and Furry Friends

Let’s discover the animals among us. This month students 2 ½ years and older will read about different animals, where they live, and what they eat. The children will also get the chance to express their creative side by putting together works of art related to each animal.

Toddlers and Two’s will discover the colors of the rainbow and participate in sensory activities. Each child will get to be a chef as they cook and sample their creations. Students will also enjoy outdoor play with water-themed activities.

June 2nd – June 20th: Pioneering Preschoolers & Kindergartners Discover Africa

Africa, the planet’s second largest continent is the topic for this session. Children will explore what life is like in the Sahara, what creatures live in the desert, and experience African culture through music, food, and artifacts. Each student will receive a passport of their own with their photo inside as well as receive a stamp for each area explored. So what is an African Safari?

Wednesdays June 2nd – August 8th

Swim lessons are scheduled for every Wednesday at the Chesterfield YMCA.

Ages: 3 and up

First session: 9:00 am – 9:40 am

Departure: 8:30 am

June 4th: Butterfly House Garden Sensory Adventure

Have you ever stopped and watched butterflies in action? Students will take part in a self-guided butterfly tour. Afterwards, parents can join us for a picnic where students can share what they learned.

June 12th: Reptile Experience

Preschoolers get the opportunity to learn about reptiles from Serengeti Steve. Steve brings his slippery and furry friends to meet, greet, climb and crawl.

June 13th & June 27th: Murray’s Shaved Ice

June 18th: Wapelhorst Park

Let’s cool off at the Wapelhorst Aquatic Park. Children will enjoy the feel of the cool water in a pool area just for them.