Sidewalk Flowers: February Book of the Month

By February 10, 2016 February 23rd, 2022 Book of the Month

A little girl and her father walk through the busy city. The little girl notices all the flowers that manage to grow on the sidewalks while her father, busy talking on his phone, doesn’t notice. The girl leaves her flowers with the people and animals she comes across, spreading her little acts of kindness.

Develop the Imagination

Since there are no words to the story, children can make up a story as they go. When going through the book, ask your child open ended questions and don’t be tempted to guide their answer. For example, “Why are they on a walk? Where do you think they’re coming from?” That way, your child can independently form their own answers, develop their imagination, and learn how to interpret images.

Appreciate the Small Things

Even in the city, there is nature. Despite the lack of visible soil, flowers seem to thrive. The little girl sees this and savors each moment of small beauty she comes across. The story begins in black and white, but brightens when the girl gives her flowers away. By the end, the world is filled with color. Teach your children that by performing little acts of kindness it brightens everyone’s day, and that even the most seemingly insignificant things, like a sidewalk flower, is beautiful.

Understanding Life & Death

On their walk, father and daughter come across a dead bird. The little girl understands what has happened and leaves some flowers as a memorial before moving on. If your family has experienced the death of a loved one or pet, talk to your child about it in ways they’ll understand. Let them know that while sad, it’s a natural process and the world isn’t any less dark for it.

Recommended Audience

Sidewalk Flowers is appropriate for children of all ages, though children 3 to 8 will get more out of being able to make up their own stories. Adults will love the beautifully simple illustrations and making up their own story.

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