The Centre at Conway awarded staff members 3 different awards last month. Congratulations to you all!

The Pat on the Back Program Winner: Ms. Sharon

The winner for the September Pat on the Back Award is Ms. Sharon. Ms. Sharon is always so helpful in the afternoon when the parents pick up the children. The parents know the children are safe and enjoying their afternoon activities.

You’ve Been Caught Staff-to-Staff Winner: Ms. Thenn

The September You’ve Been Caught (Staff to Staff) Winner is Ms. Thenn from our Transition 1 Classroom. Ms. Thenn is always helpful to other staff. She has spent much time training staff for the lower level. She always has a smile on her face and takes care of the children in such a wonderful and loving way.

You’ve Been Caught Office-to-Staff Winner: Ms. Bailey

The September You’ve Been Caught (Office to Staff) Winner is Ms. Bailey from the Lower Level Kitchen and all of the Classrooms in the lower classroom. Ms. Bailey is wonderful at helping all of the staff during the day. We our thankful for her cooking, giving short breaks, helping staff when they need an extra hand, and support within the classrooms in the afternoon.