Wednesday, October 22nd: St. Louis’s 250th Birthday Celebration

We are going to make a Pink Tower birthday cake as a school project to celebrate St. Louis’ 250th birthday. The city has been celebrating all year and placing cakes at 250 locations. In honor of this event, the Centre at Conway is building a Pink Tower cake to represent our Montessori child care center.

The pink tower is an iconic Montessori material. Ms. Kathy has put together 10 boxes to build a huge tower. It isn’t exact, but it sure looks cool.

The boxes are covered with white butcher paper and are ready to be painted pink.

Each Primary class will have a turn to paint the boxes. More than one coat per box should give everyone a turn. Each child then gets to paint a candle – paper towel tube covered in white paper. We will add a “flame” later.

The Two’s classes will get to paint a candle; each child can paint one their favorite color.

The Kindergarten class needs to make three flags to go on the cake:

  • The USA Flag
  • The Missouri State flag
  • Our school’s logo flag

Kindergartners will also paint their own candles.

Lastly, we are going to take a picture and send it off to be put in a Time Capsule to be opened in the year 2064 as a part of Candles on the Cake Beyond 250 Project. The kids will be in their 50s then!

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