53-Dollarphotoclub_64164746Little Cloud likes standing out from the other clouds by turning into different things that it sees, be it a sheep, airplane, or tree. Hours of fun are had turning into whatever Little Cloud can imagine, but it can’t last forever. When playtime is over, Little Cloud rejoins the other clouds to help make it rain.

Encouraging Imagination in Children

When it comes to clouds, the possibilities of the imagination are endless. The minimalistic illustrations and accompanying text in Little Cloud encourages children to look at the clouds and find shapes and images there. Before reading each passage, encourage your children to identify the shape Little Cloud has taken.

After reading, go outside with your child with paper and crayons and encourage them to write down or draw what they see in the clouds. Ask about what they see and perhaps try to put a story to the image. Remember to let your child use his or her own imaginationdon’t try to influence what they see. Ask open-ended questions like “What do you think that cloud looks like?” and “Why do you think it looks like (a cat, car, etc.).”

Learning about Clouds & Weather

While very subtle, throughout the story children are being taught about weather patterns and how clouds contribute. For example, Little Cloud breaks away from the other clouds to get low to the ground and become fog. Then, Little Cloud rises up to join the other clouds to make rain.

While the concepts are a little too advanced for younger children, older children can be taught about how air pressure and fronts affects the weather and creates clouds. Use simple terms when explaining the process and try an easy rain in a bag experiment for a visual example.

Recommended Audience

With its minimalistic illustrations and short sentences, Little Cloud is recommended for children ages 2-6. Both boys and girls can connect with Little Cloud since Little Cloud is not identified as either male or female in the story. Children and parents alike will love to follow up a reading with some cloud-spotting outside.

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