enrichmentEnrichment activities contribute to the child’s self-confidence while presenting the classes in a fun and educational way. Directresss offer age-appropriate activities for students 2 years of age and older.

Stretch and Grow

September – May

Children constantly adapt to an ever-changing body. Therefore, it’s essential that they understand the importance of keeping that body healthy and happy as it changes. “Stretch and Grow” helps kids understand their bodies through hands-on lessons and activities, including:

  • Nutritious eating – balancing food groups, choosing correct portion sizes, and distinguishing between actual fruit and unhealthy fruity-flavored drinks
  • Hygiene – discovering what germs are and how to prevent getting sick or getting others sick (washing hands, not sharing water bottles, etc.)
  • Physical activity – moving to music, playing games

By participating in Stretch and Grow activities, children become better adept at confronting practical life lessons.

Spanish Fun

Year Round

Spanish Fun teaches students a new Spanish lesson every week. In some cases, there are activities that correlate with the lesson. For example, if children are learning the Spanish words for different types of food, they may also enjoy a picnic. These hands-on activities help solidify the lessons while also encouraging the children to have fun while learning.

By partaking in Spanish Fun activities, children are exposed to a culture that is fast becoming part of the American lifestyle. These cultural activities help breed tolerance and enthusiasm for different ways of life. In addition, by learning another language, kids become better aware of how their own language works by studying connections between Spanish and English.

All Star Sports

Year Round

During All Star Sports, kids learn about a new sport every week, including:

  • What equipment is used and how to use it
  • How the rules of the game work
  • How to play the sport safely
  • Which positions are which and why they are important

Once the children understand these points, they play one-on-one with each other. Not only does All Star Sports give children a great physical outlet during the school day, but it teaches them practical life lessons like muscular coordination. In addition, they nurture an appreciation for good sportsmanship.



Students participating in kinderdance learn tap & ballet. These activities teach children:

  • How to stand properly
  • Movement names
  • Dance routines

At the end of the school year in May, the children perform a recital, complete with costumes and a trophy for each dancer.

Kinderdance teaches children practical life lessons like coordination and patience. In addition, children gain a greater cultural appreciation for music and the art of dance, all while having fun showcasing the star that they are!

Computer Bryte Kids


As computers become more and more a part of our lives, it’s important that children understand their practical, entertaining, and social uses. During Computer Bryte Kids, students learn:

  • Parts of the computer
  • Programs available
  • Email
  • Educational games

In addition, children are taught how to stay safe on the internet.

Computer Bryte Kids helps children with logical and mathematical skills as well as computer vernacular and language.

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