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As infants become mobile, they begin to explore and need safe areas to explore, play, and learn. At North American Montessori Child Care, Inc., we understand this transitionary period between younger infants and infants transitioning into a new stage of development comes with new needs and concerns. Our caring staff provides the care that infants that are becoming mobile need to learn and thrive. Visit our three area schools to learn more!

Casa Dia Montessori


Casa Dia Montessori


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The Transition Room Experience

Infants typically become mobile around 8 months of age, either through rolling or crawling. Every baby is different, and having a safe environment to develop at their own pace is important for their growth.

Every transition room at our schools has two teachers to provide guidance to mobile infants as they learn. Exploration is an important component of development, and our team of patient and understanding teachers provides this kind of care in a nurturing environment.

Frequent and positive interactions are at the heart of what we provide at North American Montessori Child Care. The experience is intended to be positive for children no matter their age, and we encourage parents to take a tour of our facilities to determine if we are the right fit for their family.

If you have questions about our transition rooms, please contact us to sign up for a tour with our staff at one of our facilities.

Transition Room FAQ

Finding the right childcare for your family is an essential part of your child’s social, emotional and physical development. We appreciate that you are considering North American Montessori Child Care to meet your childcare needs. Please review the questions and accompanying answers below about our transition rooms, and let us know if you have questions during your tour of our facilities.

What is the youngest age you accept in the transition rooms?

Infants typically move into the transition room around 8 months of age when they show signs of becoming mobile, e.g. they begin rolling, crawling and pulling to stand.

How can I sign up for a tour?

At North American Montessori Child Care, we welcome parents to arrive at our main offices during operating hours to tour the school, as we have an open door policy. That being said, we strongly encourage scheduling tours ahead of time to ensure our facility has the ability to meet with you and fully answer your questions during the tour.

What kind of regular activities do the children do?

Children in the transition room take part in a number of age-appropriate activities, such as participating in music and song programming.

We offer circle time, arts and crafts specific to their ages, and sensory activities to encourage growth and social interaction.

Are meals provided? What are the meal times?

Yes, we provide meals and snacks for children in all classrooms, including the transition rooms. Meal times are typically around 8:30 a.m. for breakfast, 11:30 for lunch, and we offer snacks around 9:30 and 3 p.m.

Do you accommodate for food allergies?

Yes, our facilities can accommodate any food allergies children may have.

Do you have pack and plays and/or cots for nap time or do we need to supply them?

Yes, we offer age-appropriate spaces for infants to nap in while in the transition room.

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