Benefits of Montessori Education

By July 6, 2022 September 1st, 2022 Montessori Child Care & Education
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The Montessori Method is an educational method and philosophy that recognizes children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. Dr. Maria Montessori perceived that the years between birth and six years are those with the greatest potential for learning and designed the “prepared environment where the child, set free from undue adult intervention, can live its life according to the laws of its development.”

At North American Montessori Center, we believe that choosing the right childcare and preschool is essential in setting the foundation for your child’s love of learning. Since there is no right or wrong for everyone, you will need to decide what is the best fit for your child. To help give you a better understanding of the Montessori culture, below are some of the benefits of Montessori education.

1. Montessori offers individualized education.

Instead of a one-lesson-fits-all approach, the Montessori environment takes a “follow the child” approach, which allows all children to receive an individualized education. Activities and lessons are carefully designed to fulfill the child’s developmental needs. A Montessori teacher may have different goals for each child, which helps children learn in their unique style and at their own pace. However, the educational focus is not just on academics — Montessori also focuses on physical, emotional, and social exercises.

2. There is an emphasis on hands-on learning.

The Montessori environment is specifically designed for children to play and learn using tools and materials that engage the five senses. Hands-on learning through real-world activities supports children’s natural curiosity, independence, and self-guided education.

3. Children develop strong social and leadership skills.

Montessori classrooms are not grouped by age. Instead, children are surrounded by peers in a similar developmental stage. Since children are often fascinated by what other children are doing, this mixed-age classroom environment fosters younger children’s social development and encourages them to take on more challenging material as they are ready. Peer-to-peer learning also allows older students to take on a leadership role, strengthening their confidence and independence.

4. Montessori cultivates a love of learning.

Montessori education fosters a natural love for learning that becomes a propelling force through secondary education and beyond. Learning becomes enjoyable when a child is inducted into the Montessori model at a young age. This internal satisfaction helps children remain curious and interested in learning about the people and the world around them as they grow up.

5. Children enjoy freedom within limits.

Montessori preschool environments are carefully designed to support children’s natural development and drive to learn. Children are encouraged to become active seekers of knowledge; thus, they are awarded the freedom to choose their activities and pursue answers to their own questions. Of course, having freedom in the classroom does not mean it is a free-for-all. Classrooms have specific ground rules enforced by the teacher and their peers, which helps children learn self-discipline, self-control, concentration, and motivation.

6. Montessori classrooms are less structured than traditional preschools.

Montessori classrooms are designed for movement and change, and teachers guide children rather than directly instruct. Many children love choosing what interests them, but some children want more instruction and structured routines in their day than others. No one-size-fits-all curriculum exists, and not all children thrive in the same environment. While self-directed learning and independence are at the core of the Montessori way, instructors consider each child’s unique needs and help guide children to become more confident in their ability to lead their own education.

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