kinswood enrichment activitiesEnrichment activities help build children’s self-confidence in an entertaining and educational way. Our directresss offer age-appropriate activities for Mehlville students. Please consider the age requirements before signing your child up for an enrichment activity.

Spanish Fun

Year Round

For children 2 years and up

Each week, Spanish Fun activities teach students a new Spanish lesson. Children may learn songs in Spanish to learn grammar one week and picture cards to learn vocabulary the next. By using hands-on activities, directresss solidify the lessons in their students while also making learning fun.

By participating in Spanish Fun, your child will be introduced to a culture that becomes more a part of the American lifestyle everyday. Cultural activities like Spanish Fun teach kids to treat unfamiliar cultures with tolerance, respect, and interest. In addition, learning a second language makes children more aware of how their own language works by making connections between Spanish and English grammar.

A variation of this enrichment activity is also available at Casa Dia Montessori of Crestwood.

All Star Sports

Year Round

For children 2 ½ years and up

In the enrichment activity “All Star Sports,” children learn a new sport each week by both learning the theories behind the game and by playing it. Each lesson includes:

  • What equipment is needed
  • How to use the equipment
  • What are the assigned positions
  • Why each position is important (especially in team sports)
  • How the game’s rules work
  • How to play the sport safely

After students understand these important facts, they play with each other one-on-one. In addition to giving kids a healthy way to use their energy during the school day, All Star Sports teaches muscular coordination, good sportsmanship, and other practical life lessons.

A variation of this enrichment activity is also available at Casa Dia Montessori of Crestwood.

Computer Bryte Kids


For children 3 years and up

Each year, our daily lives become more immersed in the digital world. As a result, it’s important for children to understand the practical, entertaining, and social uses of computers. Our “Computer Bryte Kids” enrichment activity teaches children how to:

  • Use different parts of a computer (mouse, keyboard, etc.)
  • Use computer programs
  • Communicate through email
  • Play educational games
  • Stay safe on the internet

In addition to helping students develop logical and mathematical skills, Computer Bryte Kids teaches them computer vernacular and language.

A variation of this enrichment activity is also available at Casa Dia Montessori of Crestwood.

DeNoyer Dance

September – May

For children 2 ½ years and up

Despite what the title “DeNoyer Dance” implies, this enrichment activity teaches more than dance lessons. DeNoyer Dance also incorporates structured exercises. For instance, every week presents children with a new maze to solve, each with a different theme.

During dance lessons, children learn:

  • How to stand properly
  • Specific movement and stance names
  • Dance routines

For the class’s grand finale, the students will preform a recital for family and friends in June.

DeNoyer Dance prepares kids with lessons about practical life like coordination and patience as well as a cultural appreciation for music and the art of dance, all while having fun showcasing their newfound stardom!

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