Montessori Watson Staff

Our staff of Forty-Two caring individuals is dedicated to helping children learn and grow. Many of our educators have over 15 years experience, giving them the knowledge needed to guide your child through their earliest years.

Angela Haffer

Watson Montessori Directress & Director

Ken Buchholz

Watson Administration

Eva Swatek

Watson Administration

Beverly Admire

Watson Cook

Kim Beckman

Watson Lead Infant Teacher 1A

Lindsey Rauscher

Assistant Infant Teacher 1A

Allison Dierkes

Watson Assistant Infant Teacher 1A

Kara Schulz

Watson Lead Infant Teacher 1B

Jacquelyn Brown

Watson Assistant Infant Teacher 1B

Lindsey Dierkes

Watson Assistant Infant Teacher 1B

Jennifer Sapienza

Watson Lead Infant Teacher 1C

Sarah Block

Watson Assistant Infant Teacher 1C

Haley Laurie

Assistant Infant Teacher 1C

Dawn Lewis

Watson Lead Toddler Teacher 1D

Jennifer Martin

Assistant Toddler Teacher 1D

Crystal Loos

Assistant Toddler Teacher 1D

Brenda Hidri

Watson Montessori Directress Lead Toddler Teacher 1E

Elise Roberts

Assistant Toddler Teacher 1E

Tristyn Murrell

Assistant Toddler Teacher 1E

Emily Day

Watson Lead Toddler Teacher 1F

Stephanie Lake

Watson Assistant Toddler Teacher 1F

Lauren Carroll

Assistant Toddler Teacher 1F

Jennifer Estes

Watson Lead Two's Teacher 2A

Catherine Seitz

Watson Assistant Two's Teacher 2A

Ashley Gyr

Watson Assistant Two's Teacher 2A

Jenna Kennebeck

Watson Montessori Directress Lead Two's/ Preschool Prep Teacher 2B

Elizabeth Hogg

Watson Assistant Two's/ Preschool Prep Teacher 2B

Autumn Mcclantoc

Assistant Two's Teacher 2B

Deborah Brewer

Watson Lead Two's Teacher 2C

Charlie Thierauf

Assistant Two's Teacher 2C

Hayley Vuch

Assistant Two's Teacher 2B

Jackie Redburn

Watson Montessori Directress PK3

Judy Gray

Watson Assistant Teacher PK3

Alexi Steinmetz

Assistant Teacher PK3

Andria Brown

Watson Lead Teacher PK4

Andrea Siebum

Assistant Teacher PK4

Abigail Pastorello

Watson Assistant Teacher PK4

Erin Large

Watson Montessori Directress PK5

Arnitrya Silver

Watson Montessori Directress PK5

Rachel Gray

Watson Assistant Teacher PK5

Dawn Jacobs

Watson Montessori Directress/ KDG Prep

Jessica Prater

Watson Assistant Teacher KDG

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