Montessori Kinswood Staff

Our caring Casa Dia Montessori Kinswood teachers are dedicated to helping children learn and grow. Many of our staff members have been at Kinswood for over 15 years, giving them the experience needed to guide your child through their earliest years.

Ms. Nera


Ms. Kian

Office Administrator

Ms. Ana

Office Administrator

Ms. Tori

Assistant Director

Ms. Seherzada


Ms. Jenifer

Teacher 5 Montessori Certified

Ms. Dusanka

Assistant Teacher 5

Ms. Lori

Teacher 3 Montessori Certified

Ms. Elma

Teacher 1B

Ms. Gratia

Assistant Teacher 1B

Ms. Valerie

Teacher 1C

Ms. Yamin

Assistant Teacher 1C

Ms. Brooke

Teacher 1D

Ms. Margie

Teacher 1D

Ms. Julie

Assistant Teacher 1D

Ms. Hanifa

2B Teacher

Ms. Mirsada

Teacher 2C

Ms. Stefanjia

Assistant Teacher Room 6

Ms. Amanda

Teacher 6

Ms. Blerina

Teacher 2C

Ms. Rahima

Teacher 2C

Ms. Parastu

Teacher 3

Ms. Chelsey

Teacher 3

Ms. Olivia

Teacher 3

Ms. Sheridan

Student Teacher

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