special needsIf you have a child with ADHD or other special needs, it’s important to openly communicate those needs to your child’s teacher. Once the teacher understands your child and how to effectively handle whatever situation may occur, you can rest assured that your child is provided with the best care possible.

Talk to Your Child’s Teacher Before Classes Start

Before classes begin, talk to your child’s teacher about their needs. This head start will help teachers prepare themselves and the classroom for your child. Before you go in to speak with the teacher, make a list of what you want to discuss with them so you don’t forget anything.

Provide the teacher with information such as:

  • Your child’s specific disability
  • Strategies for handling negative behavior
  • How to positively communicate with your child

It’s also a good idea to include reports from your child’s therapist. With these reports, the teacher can better understand your child and their disability.

Speak Clearly & Honestly About Your Child

When communicating your child’s special needs to their teacher, don’t beat around the bush.While using scientific terms when discussing your child’s disability may make you look smart, not everyone understands them. Use simple language instead.

You are your child’s advocate. Teachers cannot provide the best care possible if they don’t understand what you’re saying. Remain positive and keep the conversation on track.

Let the Teacher Know That They Have Your Support

Teaching children with special needs can be difficult for teachers, especially if they haven’t been trained to do so. Let your child’s teacher know early on that they have your support and will work with them to address any questions or concerns they may have.

The parent-teacher relationship is an important part of a child’s success in the classroom. By communicating openly and positively, parents and teachers can work together to promote a healthy classroom environment for children with special needs.

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