Now that the leaves are changing and it’s getting colder, it’s time for bonfires and other fun fall festivities. But with the emphasis on the dangers of the heat of summer and the cold of winter, fall safety tips often fall by the wayside.

Protect Your Child & Others: Prepare for Flu Season

With colder weather comes closer contact with others as everyone heads indoors. As a result,illness spreads quicker—especially contagious illnesses like the flu. So protect your children during flu season by getting your family vaccinated.

The flu is dangerous to children and can cause health complications like pneumonia and bronchitis. Getting your child vaccinated will not only protect them from the flu, but also protect children who are too young to get vaccinated. Even if you don’t show symptoms, you can still spread the virus to others. Consult with your doctor about which vaccine is best for your child.

Keep Bonfires Safe: Make & Reinforce Rules

Fall is a great season to sit outside with a bonfire and toast marshmallows. However, there is the risk of burns. To prevent burns and other injuries, set rules and boundaries for kids and yourself to set a good example:

  • Extinguish fires correctly
  • Keep flammable items like leaves away from the fire
  • No horseplay near the fire
  • Don’t put glass or compressed cans in the fire

When going to a bonfire, make sure that you dress your child appropriately and exercise caution when they are close to the fire. That means sturdy shoes like tennis shoes and loose articles of clothing like scarves are tucked away securely so they don’t cause a fire hazard. Make sure that you reinforce these rules so the fire doesn’t get out of hand and no one gets burned.

Clean Regularly: Prevent Fall Allergies

In the colder months, it’s especially important to keep the house clean, as allergens like dust can really build up and cause allergies to go wild. The most common fall allergens include:

  • Molding leaves
  • Ragweed
  • Dust mites

To combat allergens inside the home, clean your home regularly and thoroughly. Doing so will help prevent allergen build up. For outdoor allergies, talk to your child’s doctor about over-the-counter allergy medicines.

Prevent Falls: Keep Paths Clear

One of the best things about fall is the colorful leaves. However, unlike the dangers of ice, many people don’t think about the risks associated with fallen leaves. Leaves on sidewalks can be a slip hazard—especially when wet. To prevent falls, keep your sidewalks and pathways around the home clear of leaves. It may be a tedious chore, but well worth it in the end.

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