Summer Child Care Program in St. Louis

You trust us to care for your child’s body and mind during the school year, now trust us to continue to spark their imagination all throughout the summer!

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Summer Child Care St. Louis

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When the summer months approach, you might scramble to figure out how to keep your little one physically active, but more importantly, mentally stimulated during those long days. Early childhood is perhaps the most vital time to instill in your child a love of learning, and North American Montessori can help!

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The Summer Fun program throughout June, July, and August prepares them for the coming years in which they are put on a stringent cycle of school, break, and then school again. We will help teach them that the learning never really stops no matter what time of year it may be. Through this program, they can grow up with an appreciation for learning all year around and will be less likely to slip into a dull summer routine of watching TV and playing video games in the future.

The various physical, social, and educational exercises we offer will give your child opportunities for both playing and building brain power. Our well-balanced program is challenging, engaging, and always fun!

Field trips and in-house activities are planned throughout 10 weeks to enhance their summer experience. There is a different theme each week where your child can learn, grow, and experience success.

For instance, your child can become a wildlife explorer during our “Bear Hunt” themed week when we take a trip to Grant’s Farm. Or they have the chance to become a mad scientist during our “Fun with Science” themed week when Bri the Science Guy makes an appearance. Or they might enjoy becoming a swashbuckling pirate during our “Aye, Aye Matey” themed week when the Bubble Bus stops by for some bubbly fun!

Throughout most weeks, we also have splash days and arts and crafts opportunities to keep children occupied and thriving. Your child will come home each day with something new to show off or a new tidbit of information they learned!

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Learning isn’t only something that happens in schools when children reach a certain age. Learning can happen at any age, anywhere, and at any time of the year! Let North American Montessori look after your child during the summer, while also instilling in them a love for education early in their development.

Contact us if you have any questions about the Summer Fun Program and to sign up!

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