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Ms. Samina

My name is Ms. Samina and I grew up in Karachi. I finished my education with two inter arts and DE ed, two bachelor’s degrees in arts and BP ed, followed by a master’s degree in health and physical education from the University of Karachi.

After moving to St. Louis with my husband, I continued with additional courses at Meramec College. These courses included a few classes in English language and many classes in fine arts, including Painting I, II, and III, Advance Painting, Drawings I, II, and III, Digital Photography, Graphic Design I, II, and III. I also enjoy taking aerobic dancing and fitness center classes.

While in Karachi, I taught for 15 years at the levels of middle and high school. In the States, in St. Louis, I worked as a sales associate at Hancock fabric store. Now I work at CAC in Chesterfield. Working with little kids is really a joyous experience. These little kids get so sincerely excited over the small things I do with them in arts and crafts. They are a total joy. I miss my little friends when I travel away for extended periods to visit my family back in Karachi.

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