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Ms. Amna

My name is Ms. Amna and I have been at CAC since 12/2018. I’m a lead teacher for the Two-3 classroom. I have been working in the child care center for 10 years, and I have an associate degree in early care and education. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree at UMSL.

Over the last 10 years, l have learned so many things about children’s needs and how to help them to develop their skills. I know how to address children’s needs and enable them to control their behaviors. Through my experience in the early childhood field, I feel I’m growing and learning over time. By interacting and observing children, I know that each child is different, and each child has their own needs.

I understand the importance of developing young minds and preparing children for the future. I feel I have the opportunities to teach them using different methods. I also have opportunities to show kindness to the children, colleagues, parents and those around me. I have an opportunity to build relationships, friendships, and a community. I am able to set high expectations for the children, and I expect that all children can and will achieve in their classroom—and I don’t give up on underachievers.

My favorite parts of teaching is watching my children grow and succeed in life, building relationships with them, and watching them learn and grow as great little people. Also, they make me laugh every day. Helping children and their families is the most rewarding job I can think of.

“Play is the work of the child”

– Maria Montessori

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