26-of=50,480,360(1)Parents seeking to get involved in their kid’s child care center may not know where to begin, regardless of whether or not they’re the parent of a new student. However, getting involved is far less intimidating than you think when you follow these three basic steps:

  • Meet and get to know the right people
  • Share your talents
  • Volunteer in the classroom and out

Meet & Get to Know the Right People

While many schools send out calendars or post them online, these usually provide the bare minimum of events and volunteer opportunities for parents. Therefore, getting to know the right people at your child’s school can offer a wider range of opportunities, particularly for parents that are unavailable during the school day. A simple introduction can go a long way.

Your Child’s Directress

Every directress has their own unique teaching style and specific needs that can be fulfilled by a parent, so be sure to get acquainted with your child’s directress each year.

The School’s Directress

As the head of the child care center, the school directress can provide parents with volunteer opportunities on a school-wide basis rather than just in your child’s classroom.

The School’s Assistant Directress

The assistant directress is always a wealth of knowledge about goings on at the school and is typically more available to parents than the main directress.

Other Involved Parents

Even though child care centers may not have a formal PTO, socializing with other involved parents is a great way to stay in-the-know about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

“Share Your Talents”

If normal volunteer events do not appeal to you, it’s time to get creative. Brainstorm any hobbies or talents you have and ways you could apply them to a school activity. Art, gardening, carpentry, music, and reading are all great opportunities to integrate life skills and hobbies into class lessons. Consult with your child’s teacher to see if any of your talents correspond with their themes.

Volunteer In the Classroom & Out

Teachers often need parents at school events to carry out tasks, such as serving food or manning a booth, as well as on field trips to supervise children. If you are unavailable during the school day, your child’s school may appreciate parent volunteers at school-funded events.

All Parents Should Participate

While many parents have one person playing the specific role of child care provider, it’s important to remember that all parents are welcomed and wanted at their child’s school’s activities.

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